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Corporate Wellness

Are your employees grappling with personal challenges that affect their well-being and relationships? Do they find it challenging to cope with stress, anxiety, or attention deficit issues, which in turn hinder their productivity at work? Do your employees express feelings of insecurity or a lack of safety within the workplace?

We recognize the profound impact these difficulties can have on individuals, both personally and professionally. That’s why we provide corporate wellness workshops designed to address these challenges and empower your employees to thrive.

“Measure your impact in humanity, not in the likes, but in the lives you touch; not in popularity, but in the people you serve. People will try to convince you that you should keep your empathy out of your career. Don’t accept this false premise.”

– Tim Cook, Apple, CEO

At the Empathy University®, we understand that happy and fulfilled employees are the driving force behind a thriving company culture.

Our comprehensive wellness programs are designed to prioritize the mental and emotional health of your workforce, recognizing that when employees feel supported and valued, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive. Through our tailored initiatives, we aim to create a positive work environment that fosters a sense of belonging, promotes work-life balance, and equips individuals with the tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for employees to explore the deeper roots of these challenges in their personal, domestic, and work environments. Through guided reflection and introspection, participants will gain valuable insights and develop empathy towards themselves and others, leading to a transformative shift in their approach to daily life. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth, as we empower your employees to build healthier relationships, manage emotions effectively, and cultivate a greater sense of well-being.

Our Services

Self-Empathy & Psychological Well-Being

How can we hold space for others when our own thoughts are in turmoil, vying for attention? In a world filled with chaos, it becomes essential to cultivate inner peace and clarity before extending empathy to others. Our workshop offers invaluable tools to enhance your self-empathy, fostering psychological well-being and emotion regulation.

Emotional Intelligence Workshops

In a chaotic world, cultivating inner peace and clarity is crucial for personal well-being. Our Emotional Intelligence Training provides invaluable tools to enhance self-awareness and regulate emotions, enabling you to navigate challenges with resilience and create harmonious connections in all areas of life. Learn the 3-step method to developing emotional control and strategies to improve mental health and wellness.

Listening Circles

Imagine sharing your thoughts and themes in a way that brings clarity to your inner world. Our Listening Circles offer precisely that. In these sessions, we offer you a safe and judgment-free space where you can communicate authentically and celebrate your thoughts and experiences without shame. We employ centring practices and Carl Rogers’ active listening technique to foster meaningful discussions, giving you the opportunity to work through communication blocks, address everyday challenges and co-create solutions to your pressing problems.

Looking for something more tailored to your organization?

We’ve got you covered. We understand that every team and role within your organization has its own unique needs. That’s why we provide customized programs designed specifically to meet those needs. Let’s have a conversation to discuss your requirements and finalize a program that aligns perfectly with your goals. Together, we’ll create a tailored solution that delivers maximum impact and value for your organization.