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Empathic Intervision

Empathic Intervision is a structured method of interaction designed to enhance collaboration and understanding among individuals working together. Through the utilization of five integrative empathy skills, participants learn to create a supportive environment where diverse perspectives are valued and considered. By fostering strengthened engagement, even in the presence of cultural differences or varying opinions, we enable the development of inclusive solutions that garner consensus and ensure everyone feels heard and involved. Experience the power of empathic intervision in creating a productive and harmonious teamwork.

The 5 Integrative Empathy Skills


Kinesthetic Empathy

Reflective empathy

Imaginative Empathy

Empathic Creativity

When to use Empathic Intervision

Empathic intervision is versatile: it can be a peer support and peer learning process as well as a method for co-creation, problem solving and (strategic) decision making. It applies elements of warmth and understanding without losing sight of goals and practicality. Empathic Intervision can be used in existing meetings or it can be used to start a new way of working and learning together.

The Benefits of Empathic Intervision

Empathic intervision applies Integrative Empathy skills. It leads to improved inter-collegial understanding and support, sharing of professional expertise, and improved quality of work.

It addresses complex interpersonal dynamics in diverse groups and applies empathy skills to help guide interpersonal processes. If left unacknowledged and unharnessed, group dynamics may undermine group processes. When we engage empathy we embrace unique skills and perspectives associated with diversity. This facilitates creativity and innovation rather than causing conflict and competition between people.